Pygmalion Auditions

Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw.

Auditions on Sunday 21 October at Otford Village Memorial Hall 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Refreshments available.
Clare Eynsford Hill – around 20 upper class spoilt brat
Mrs Eynsford Hill – 40 + well to do lady
Bystander – any age preferably male
Sarcastic bystander – male any age
Freddy Eynsford Hill early to mid 20s upper class nobody
Alfred Doolittle mid 40s to 50s opportunist and dustman
Mrs Pearce – around 50 matronly
Mrs Higgins – around 70 authoritative
Parlour Maid – 20s – 30s
Colonel Pickering – 40s – 50s amiable good egg
Henry Higgins – around 50 abrasive & intolerant
Eliza Doolittle – late teens / early 20’s streetwise and chirpy
Nepommuck – whiskered Hungarian 40s
Footmen, Constables and maids

Production dates are from 10-14th April 2019 – performed at The Stag Theatre Sevenoaks.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday & Thursday evenings (7:30pm) and occasional Sundays subject to requirements in Sevenoaks and Otford.

Come and be a part of this classic play which eventually became MY FAIR LADY